Eben G. Fine Band
special guest The Wild Elderberries


Thursday 13 July 2023


7:30 pm



Pricing & Show Details
Doors – 6:30pm | Show – 7:30pm | All Ages
Reserved Seating: $15
General Admission night of: $20
Please note:
You may be sat with other guests if you do not purchase all seats at a table.

The Wild Elderberries

The Wild Elderberries are a recently-formed band in the Front Range area. But the members of the band are anything but new to music. With a combined experience of over a 100 years in performing and touring, this is a band who has paid their dues and knows how to entertain a crowd.

One particular feature of the Wild Elderberries is that they play all original music. This is not just another tribute band or cover band, rehashing the same old same old – this is new music from right here in the Front Range. From award-winning songwriters and road-tested musicians. Their music draws from the best of American traditions – rock, blues, folk and jazz.

Jack Lainson, one of the founders, has played in numerous rock bands from here to Westcliffe and back again. Guitarist, vocalist and harmonica player and one of the band’s two songwriters.

Bob Jeffries is a fine, fine mandolin player, who draws not only from the best of bluegrass, but can riff from classical pieces as easily as jazz or blues or metal.

Sam Fuqua on bass is the total groove package. Sam is a Boulder institution of tasteful bass and deep music appreciation – listen for him on KGNU.

Bill Aspinwall is the other founder and contributing songwriter and plays guitars of several persuasions, does vocals and once had a poster of rabbits in his kitchen.

And when we’re lucky enough to have him, Steve Jackson is our percussionist, keeping things tight, while making your own dance inclinations irresistible. Steven has played with some of the best anywhere and has the stories to prove it.

The Eben G. Fine Band

The Eben G. Fine Band, a uniquely Boulder institution, is a Colorado-based but transcontinental and international group that performs mostly once a year at Nissi’s to benefit charities that are dear to the heart of the band. The band was formed in 2012 and is comprised of long-time Boulder ex-pats whose first recording was recorded and produced by Oak Thorne of Owl Records some 53 years ago. This is a band that has some long-time ties to and roots in Boulder. 

This is the Boulder of summer solstice woodsies on the top of Flagstaff or Buckingham Park, the Boulder of riding the rope tow at Chautauqua or the ski train to Winter Park, dances under the stars at the Reservoir or on coke night at Tulagis and wild tubing down Boulder Creek at the peak of runoff. And of course, Eben G. Fine, an early promoter of Boulder with a namesake park, would be proud of this band.

The band’s catalog draws from Americana, Classic Rock, Blues, Roots and folk music and never fails to entertain.

Band Members include:

Our Musical Director and Chairman of the Guitar Department, David Ruff – who began playing musical instruments at the age of 5, learning many bluegrass classics long before bluegrass became the flavor of the month. David’s playing and arranging skill elevates the whole group and anchors our classic rock selections. David now plays lead guitar for Loose Cannons, a local favorite to be found at Nissi’s from time to time – if you’re lucky.

The head of our rhythm department, Kris Husted – long time drummer, percussionist, and acolyte of the Ringo Starr school – relaxed, but tight and creative drumming that fits every song.

Jeff Roberts, our Swiss Army knife all-round guitarist and bass player with long roots in the Blues scene and bluegrass flat picking, he’s just a wonderful musician and helps keep the band together.

Frank Shipley – the head of our Blues Department – fine guitarist and vocalist who selects and arranges our blues songs in the best roots tradition. Frank hails from Vachon Island and is one of our West Coast reps.

Mary Deutsch – who joins us from South Africa – lifelong singer and performer, who has actually performed at Carnegie Hall and in Cuba as part of choral groups. From her base in San Diego, she’s our other West Coast rep.

Julie Johnson – Julie is also part of our musical direction and arranging team and a lifelong singer, performer and guitar player whose roots in wonderful music and harmony inspire and inform the whole groups’ efforts. She joins us from Durham, NC and her gracious spirit and intelligence keeps the band focused.

Susan Springer – another one of our fine vocalists and harmony providers, whose keen ear helps polish our vocals. Unfortunately, Susan is unavailable for our 2023 show, but we hope she’ll be with us in the future, when we can lure her away from Maine.

The bandleader, Bill Aspinwall, just another Boulder native guitarist and vocalist who spent 20-some years honing his craft in Texas and sometimes on weekends, he makes pancakes.

The band also has some wonderful alumni and family members who get called into performances including Carla Sciaky, Marc McMillen, Greg Simmons, Lloyd Daniel, Richard Gaudette and many other family members of the band who have graciously joined in our performances and just might show up this year – you never know.

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